gack I live in a red state, own a gun, work my ass off, and I am surrounded by ignorant, arrogant rubes.
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I started off in a ghetto, earned a full ride to a masters degree, and now I work my ass off every day. Nevertheless, I don't believe what Trump says. I don't believe that the Bible is fact. I think our military is a murderous machine that makes money for the one percenters. I believe we are totally destroying our planet. I believe that women and gays and minorities and the disabled should have all the exact same rights as white men.

But they drive in their giant 60k trucks that have never seen a speck of mulch in the bed, waving confederate and US flags at the same time without any awareness of the irony, believing conspiracy theories, listening to corporate music, eating shit food, laughing at horror films, worshipping the military, and just swaggering through life with an unearned sense of prick entitlement.

Probably not the guys you're referring to, right? I hope not.
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