note Need ideas for a vacation for 10 for 7 days in august
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Need vacation locations cause we are stuck as a clan.

2 grand parents
Family 1. 2 adults 2 teenagers 14yr boy n 16 yr girl
Family 2. 2 adults 10yr boy, 8yr girl

Location requirements
1. Not Lake tahoe
2. Casino nearby for grand parents
3. Mt bike trails for dad n sons, bonus for whitewater and/or surf
4. Beach lake/ocean for moms and girls
5. Warm.
6. Not near equator, due to gp skin cancer fears
7. No 3rd/2ND world shit show. GM want 1st world location and amenities.
8. Somewhat easy to get to with flights from Los Angeles, san diego, san francisco

BIL and I offered Whistler, but everyone saw through our plot to downhill bike everyday and no casino for the old people.

Wives and daughters want Hawaii and the surf works for us boys, but no casino.

Grandparents want vegas, we warned them we going to put them in a cheap old folks home with weekly diaper changing.

Since FiL is paying for lodging, we gotta keep the old man happy.

Ideas? Keep it under 10 hr flight time from California.

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