feedback I love anthony but i couldn't disagree with him more
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Did we create them or did they create us?

My next door neighbor is a cop, real nice guy that would do anything for me, but then I'm white not black, yellow or brown. Here's the joke he told me the other day. "if you see a mexican and a black man in a car who's driving? the cop"

Why should i not speak out against that? why shouldn't i shout that climate change is real or that planned parenthood prevents many more abortions than they preform? the hard right wants to kick everyone with a pre-existing condition out on the street and yet that hillbilly with nothing living in a van down by the river will vote for him because every democrat wants to take his gun away. sorry but those people are uneducated voters and believe every stupid thing that comes along like obama wasn't born in america and that hillary is running a child porn ring out of a pizza shop.

anthony's book "kitchen confidential" is very good.
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