note Churches and classrooms are examples of seat forward venues. Rules in some churches and classrrooms are more lax...
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than others. The churches I go to tend to be lax. The first thing mentioned in yesterday's easter service was that little voices shouldn't be silenced - the result of nobody being made to run the nursery on a high holiday. This resulted in an entertaining sunday school lesson in the middle of the sermon. Not something to stress over.

I do not disagree that people gabbing in a seats forward venue are disrespectful to those around them - just that it is to be expected in most bars, restaurants, and coffee shops that happen to offer live music.

Things like big hair, hats, and texting is much less of an issue. I am short enough that even in the front I am not seeing past an average sized bald guy, let alone a woman with big hair. Remember that "respect" gets earned, not demanded. In Spud's case, the music earned the respect and he was transported into a different world where it was just him and the music - in spite of the people around him. That is how it is supposed to happen. Either the music makes its magic or it doesn't. And it never will happen for every single person in a big room.
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