note My students were weirded out by Pythagoras
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Oddly. Whenever a famous name comes into a theorem I mention a bit about the person. Their fav so far was a mathematician Wierstrauss who never went to class & spent his entire college years in the beer halls and dueling cubs. Last wee Pythagoras, one of the most interesting, came up. I mentioned that in the ancient world he ws considered divine because of reports he had 'a golden thigh', he started his own religion and tried to take over the world. what's not to like right? I described how his religion had lots of funny rules "Dont eat beans" but also believed in the absolute equality of men and women, transmigration of souls and in the brotherhood of mankind. He tried placing a Pythagorean in kings courts to educate the little princelings and convert them to his religion. he failed, had to flee and after he died the second head was a woman, in keeping with his ideas.

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