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Gotta love youtube.

A few years ago I shot a buck and my wife played and paused youtube videos for me as I gutted and skinned it in our garage. Everything worked out great.

Today I dropped a 50 foot pine in my yard just after watching two Swedish homesteader dudes explain proper technique on youtube. My tree went down exactly how theirs went down. Right on the mark and not before I hammered in a wedge. I would have done it differently without watching the video. I also would have taken a second tree down without much thought, but a video from Stihl made me second guess that task due to the tree being mostly dead up top. Could have made me dead at the base. I certainly don't want that.

Other notable youtube wins: Everything I have done to my dirtbike. Snowblower carb. Most of my mountain bike maintenance. Winterizing an RV. Truck maintenance. Plumbing fixes. Electrical fixes. Building stuff. Many more.

Nowadays I'm not really consulting youtube until I try something myself or I believe something is going to be incredibly complicated.

I am still yet to find anything that is incredibly complicated.
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