feedback I'm not sure it is flip flopping in the usual sense.
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OK, I suppose technically it is. But I think (and hope) it's more like this: 1) when the campaign started he didn't really think he had a snowball's chance of winning so why do any of the homework; 2) late in the campaign, even with the help of the Russians, he still didn't think he was going to win. Yes, he babbles about them being fake but he can read a poll as well as anyone. And unless things are even more messed up than we think, he had no idea of the whopping early Christmas present he was going to get from Comey. So he still didn't do the work. 3) After he won he was so full of himself (I know, but even more than usual) that again he didn't bother doing the work. Plus he IS 70 and running for pres is a grueling undertaking no matter what your age or fitness. It would have been like trying to cram for all your finals when you haven't slept for a month. 4) so now that he's in office he's finally having to learn on the job, at least somewhat. This is the hope part. For example, the Chinese currency issue; surely one of his economic advisers let him know that the Chinese haven't been depressing their currency for years now, in fact just the opposite.
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