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The band is there for themselves and (hopefully) the audience. The audience is not there to validate the band (or any other artist for that matter). The band will be much happier with themselves and their work if they do not go in with the expectation of being validated by the audience. Ideally, the band is as happy playing in an empty room as in a full one - reach that level and you will enjoy nirvana. If someone somewhere is willing to pay you for your art (or anything else you do) you are already privileged. If they validate you in some other form in addition, then that is an extra bonus.

If someone in the audience is being disrespectful to others in the audience, then that is a whole different animal. That needs to be addressed. What constitutes bad behavior will often depend on the expectations of the venue. As a general rule, if all the seats face forward, then the people who are there are generally there for the band and it is expected that everybody be quiet and listen to the band. If half or more of the seats face away from the band as a result of being around tables, then it can generally be assumed that people are primarily there for the food, drink, and friends/family. The band is often there as ambiance or background. There is much less expectation for silence. In many venues, it may even be expected that the band be quiet enough for people to hear each other across the table. Obviously the Cellar Door is an exception.

Texting on the cell phone is different than talking. It only affects the person texting. If the band is concerned about bootleg recordings, that is another issue. Some bands care more than others. One I saw that allowed it noted that they had become famous as a result of going viral on youtube.

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