note Went to a show tonight.
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Local Natives. One of my favorites.

I have never seen them live.

Back in January, my wife scored one year VIP passes at an auction to the local concert venue in Spokane. Awesome buy. I was super excited.

Tonight was the first time I put those passes to use.

It was interesting....

My wife has a full day of work and then a lecture to give tomorrow. She was out for the concert. So, being really comfortable in my own skin, I went alone. I kind of enjoy how uncomfortable it makes other people when they see a 36 year old man alone at a concert....but, I digress. Another subject.

What was interesting to me happened around me and not down on the stage. The show was great. Loved it. I saw it from many different positions.

I got there early. The VIP seating had 7 people already seated. Room for 20 more. So, I milled around until the opener came on. I grabbed a prime seat. Things started to fill up after that. I watched the opener. It was good. Left my seat for the bathroom. Arrived back to watch three ladies jump my seat and put their coats down like "we own this territory". Interesting.

No bother. Just going to find another place to be. Ended up standing in a pretty prime location. However, right in front of me were some spirited youth with amazingly huge hats. To the right, two girls who hadn't even glanced up from their phones through the whole opener. Not once. Just typing away.

And suddenly I pulled back from the concert and looked around me. 5 out of 23 people were actively watching. The rest? Selfies. Texts. More selfies. Some sporadic dancing when the crowd below got amped about something. No attention given to the band. Just people in another realm. A virtual one. Impressing their many virtual friends, I'm quite sure.

Things got weirder. The women who took my seat while I went to the bathroom decided to confront the youngsters and made an attempt to talk to them about Christ. During the concert. Funny.

One of the youngsters of the group in front of me brushed past and said, "the keyboard player is my brother". He even placed a hand on my shoulder and pulled me in to make sure I heard it.

I don't know how to react to that as a 36 year old dude watching a concert. I just said, "cool man." What really bubbled up in me given this groups behavior was to say, "And now you're enacting all your perceived inadequacies". Or, "I would think he would have given you better seats" I didn't. Maybe should have. I'm a nice guy at heart.

And suddenly, BAM. All those in front of me were gone. All the selfie taking kids were gone. All the people I didn't want to have in my peripheral vision while I tried to enjoy the show...gone. Just me and the show. Loved it.

I walked out of that show early. Didn't see the encore, but saw my favorite song played live. That's okay. I have an early day tomorrow.

However, I did brush up with someone familiar. The "my brother is the keyboardist" guy. He was pleading his case outside of the venue. He had gotten kicked out. There was a bouncer ready to manhandle him. He was saying the same sort of thing he said to me, "My brother is the keyboardist!". Just pleading.

I had a good laugh.

However, it's not that laughable to see what bands are up against in this world. Hundreds of people looking at their phones or using their phones to poach videos of a performance. Not that many people engaged.

That's sad.
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