note The political parties are the ones responsible for implementing the policies...
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Especially the bipartisan concept that we should have global free trade with countries that have no environmental or worker protections while at the same time requiring both from any manufacturer that stayed here.

Remember that Zenith and Curtis Mathis didn't go overseas - they went out of business. Sony, Toshiba, and Panasonic were not American companies. They were always overseas. The same with Toyota and Datsun.

The American consumer wanted the best product for the cheapest price and generally did not care about where it came from, who built it, or what the human and environmental cost was. The political parties were happy to tell them they could have their cake and eat it too. Even now, most of the politicians are happy to tell them that it is better to exploit others around the world and destroy the environment overseas (as if it won't affect us here) than to do anything that makes it easier for companies operating here under more ethical policies to compete.
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