note He is renting - when his lease comes up, he does not have to turn over everything he owns (and more) before leaving...
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Leaving at the end of his lease will not leave him with a sub 500 credit score.

If he leaves at the end of his lease, he is not legally banned from leasing again for the next several years.

That is much different than a foreclosure and bankruptcy that takes everything, kicks you out of your home and blackballs you from living indoors for a period of years.

During my lifetime, I have lived in 14 different houses in 11 towns in 6 different states. I have attended 7 schools and 3 universities. I have held 13 permanent jobs. Moving was never a problem until the last few years when restrictive federal laws were piled on top of restrictive state laws whose effect was to drop local property values to 1985 levels, hold them there, and punish those who find themselves underwater on their houses.
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