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My landlord is a nice guy, but he is a cheapskate. I will try to sum this up as briefly as possible.

When he has to pay for something, he gets the absolute cheapest guy/gal/company who does seriously shoddy work. When he doesn''t have to pay for something, he forgoes asking his three tenants their opinions and hires the most expensive people for the job. Case in point, my $1,465 plowing bill over a 30 day period in December and early January. Problem was, the plow company accidentally sent me all the invoices. So, I studied them. I did not like what I found.

When he finally told the three tenants what they owed, one tenant emailed him back and said that something is not right with the pricing and questioned the ethics of the company. I could go into some serious depth on their practices and prices. He responded that the prices were fair and everything was kosher. I responded that I agreed with the other tenant and questioned the ethics of what was billed versus what I saw, conditions wise, in the parking lot.

He did not reply.

This is very typical. So, I decided to put up a camera on the front lot to see if our suspicions were warranted. I also did not pay my bill. I collected video for 2 weeks. I asked my landlord to send me the next invoice he receives. He did. I then compared it to the video I recorded and painstakingly picked apart the plow company's actual work and found that they fictitiously overcharged us by 31%. And that was without disputing the cost of things like the salt that they used. $35 per fifty pound bag spread. A fifty pound bag of salt across the street at Home Depot is 8 bucks. My landlord said the extra cost was for the labor. From the video, the average time spent spreading salt was about 6 minutes. Many times it was more like four minutes. That doesn't sound too horrible until you consider that one plow guy spread SEVEN fifty pound bags of salt. It took him about 14 minutes at a cost of $245. A different plow truck driver, the day before, in nearly the exact same snow conditions spread one bag over the exact same area. The guy who spread one bag will probably charge us for two. The guy who spread seven will probably say it was 8. Still waiting on that invoice. However, the seven bag guy decided to throw away two of his empty salt bags in our trash can. So, I pulled them out and looked at them. As per the directions right on the bag, our lot would require 2/3 of one fifty pound bag based on its size.

Sooo, you're probably thinking this is a no brainier. However...

At the same time this was all going on, so was an interior building project to help soundproof two rooms from our neighboring business. My landlord agreed to pay $3000 of the cost. Initially, he agreed to pay $0 of the cost. I had to look through the lease to persuade him otherwise. He then agreed to pay 100% of the cost. He then reneged and said $3000. When I reluctantly agreed (because his flip flopping delayed the start of the project by a month), he immediately called up my contractor and started adding things on to the project. Luckily this contractor is a guy I know and use often, so he called to report the additions.

As it all stands right now, my plowing bill was due on the first of this month. I have received a few emails to pay it. I have no plans to pay the full amount. My soundproofing project is wrapping up. There should be a $3000 check in the mail from my landlord as I type this. I fully intend to get that into the bank before I break the news on the company he hired egregiously overcharging us. The same company he kept using despite our repeated grievances. I'm quite sure he has already paid them. I fully plan to sit him down and show him what I have found. When I get the next invoice, I'm quite sure it will be shockingly clear how bad the overcharging and over servicing has been.

I question this plan, however. I'm not one to ever be late on a payment for anything. Yet, I also don't like getting screwed out of hard earned money with no choice in the matter.

What do you think I should do going forward?
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