note So far the Russians (or somebody somewhere) have exposed the DNC's dirty laundry...
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spewed some propaganda, messed around in the Balkans, and created as many problems as they have solved in Syria. I have yet to see anybody come up with any evidence of them tampering with voting machines or any other similar mischief. And I see nobody complaining when the GOP's dirty laundry gets exposed.

The Chinese have hacked everything in sight (including a lot of our military secrets), supported/protected the loons in North Korea, built island and generally acted aggressive in the western Pacific, built up their military much faster than the Russians, and taken over much of the world's manufacturing. Additionally, they are currently graduating more stem students than we do college students. Maybe even more than us and the Russians combined. In addition they pollute and destroy the environment more than us and the Russians combined. They are actively expanding influence in both Africa and South America.

The Russians do not get a pass, but they are a secondary threat right now compared to the Chinese. They are definitely acting hostile and a lot of people are currently giving them a pass.
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