feedback There is great promise, but also, like any increase in knowledge, there will also be another edge on that sword.
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Most people think that understanding the genetics of a condition will lead to a cure, and allow them to live as they wish. Nothing, unfortunately, could be less true. Most of this information will lead to a lot of preventive medicine, which will mean doctors telling us things we have to do to live within the limits our genes, and other bits, impose on us.
As an example, I have a predisposition to Type 2 diabetes. I could have waited until my sugar count rose to the point that meds were necessary. Instead, I chose to lose a few dozen pounds, along the way cutting my intake of sweets and alcohol.
My sugar count is down to healthy levels, as is my body fat level.
No meds.
No treatment.
Part of health care will inevitably require that we actually do things to achieve better health, and some of them will be distinctly less convenient than my changes.
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