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They fall flat in public. They are an understanding gained only when something bad happens.

Really bad.

For me it was three DVTs (blood clots) in two years in my legs. Out of nowhere. I was 34 and completely healthy when the first one popped up. 36 now. Still battling this problem. One that has the propensity to kill folks. Kill me.

Up until that point I have had nothing like this happen to me. So, you start to drill in...

You partner with specialists. You research on your own. You learn through lab tests about genetic predispostions that just might shed some light on the problem. Heterozygous Factor 5 Leiden. That's me!

Heterozygous MTHFR. That's me too!

Factor 7?? That's me too!!!

High iron levels.....yes....me. But, you have to know what that means for people like me with these genetic precursors. Do you?

Have no clue what those things are above and what they mean for me? Don't worry, neither did I at first.

Very quickly you discover all these different genetic markers that leave you open to a whole host of problems. A host of problems many others will never face. A host of problems your every day standard primary doc cannot solve or even knows about at all.

So, you have to bring in the expensive big dogs. The people keeping up on our ability to use genetic markers to solve problems. I'm there...right now. I'm talking with those people.

But here is where you're going to want to tune out. Get defensive.

My predictions for the future of medicine:

Over time, this country is going to use genetic testing in a way like never before. A very select few doctors are going to be shat upon for years, ridiculed, but eventually make it big and sift their toes through the sands of their ocean front beach house during retirement, or even before. A few people are going to bring about a whole new understanding about the fact that we are all very, VERY different, genetically (in terms of health). They are going to show us our genes. Our makeup. Predict things that are unpredictable. Heal people with this understanding in a way never thought possible.

They are going to realize that genetic precursors are what really differentiates one person's symptoms over another. What makes one person more prone to an ailment. What makes a child more prone to behavioral issues. What makes someone more prone to all the side effects of all the drugs.

And lastly, what makes immunization so dangerous for some people....especially children with certain genetic conditions that are not evident on th surface.

They will, eventually, connect all the dots. Right now, there is no hope in that at all.

The future holds great promise as genetic testing continues to ramp up. It is going to bring forth so many things that were unknown before.

It will be the future of medicine.

At least I hope so...

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