note Sadly do not have much choice but to fly them from Chicago...
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American is the other big one here. All of the US airlines treat you like cattle. Try to fly the "cheap" ones out of midway (an extra hour or so drive) and they will nickel and dime you on carry-ons and everything else.

At least I haven't had much trouble lately checking on flights. I have a frequent flyer number and generally do a good job of keeping the reservation email around. American is a big pain when one tries to use the e-ticket on the phone. None of their terminals in any of the places I have flown get cell reception. I have learned to open up the PDF before getting to the gate - otherwise you get there and try to call it up when trying to board and can't get it. They have actually let me on the plane a couple times anyway.

Scary part is that half my flights in the last couple years have been delayed for maintenance. Disturbing that they get to the gate that often before discovering issues. Suggests a systematic PM failure.
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