note I worry more about ending up under the heel of the Chinese...
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they have more resources at their disposal these days than Putin has.

Putin is a mere shadow of Brezhnev - I remember his Soviets being much more ruthless and powerful than the current Russians. I recall many in government and the public in general pushing for peace treaties and an expansion of detent with the Soviets at a time when they were gaining strength and we were losing ground around the world to them.

It should also be noted that both campaigns are now known to have interacted with the Russians, along with pretty much every politician in DC. Talking heads have pointed out that the Russian ambassador is known as a "man about town" who is quite visible inside the beltway. If we kicked out every politician that interacted with him (something I am not opposed to) there would be none left in DC.

At any rate, the relationship between the US and Russia does not seem to be benefitting much from whatever relationship the administration does have with the Russians. The current NATO buildup in eastern Europe is evidence of that.
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