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Remember that most politicians do not attempt to do most of what they say and those that do tend to get blocked by outside forces. I tend to ignore the rhetoric and pay more attention to actions. Even with the actions, it helps to pay attention to which ones are attempted for the purposes of looking good to the base and which ones are meant to be real (look how much more aggressive the house was with ACA repeals when they knew they would be blocked by the Senate and the Admin). It also helps to keep in mind the chances of an action being allowed to actually happen - even if it is a real attempt. It is almost impossible to get anything of any kind through the senate. One also has to remember also that politicians haggle and Trump is especially a haggler - They may be purposely aiming for some unrealistic goal in the hopes of getting half of what they propose.

The GOP - like usual - is divided. In addition, many do not like the president and they lack the supermajority needed to get much useful done in the Senate. Clearly the current healthcare bill will not make it through the senate.

There have been a few sane talking heads and print articles from across the political spectrum that have taken the time to explain the various roadblocks to a lot of proposed actions. Things like limitations to what can be accomplished with executive orders, the limitations to what can be done through the budget reconciliation process )and how few things can get through the senate without the supermajority), how long it takes to get anything done in congress (especially the senate) due to the rules designed to delay everything (If they don't have healthcare done by early spring, they can't hope to get the SCOTUS nomination, tax reform or the budget done this year and nobody in congress will want to do anything next year before the midterms), and the amount of pushback that entrenched bureaucrats can throw up against any change.

Tom Hanks was right when he said that we will survive a Trump presidency. Jon Stewart was right to tell the media that it is time for them to get off their butts and get a hobby (suggesting that perhaps they take up journalism). We will get a few changes - many of which really are needed - but we won't get a full blown "reset" (probably also needed). In the end, we stand a good chance of getting a third party or two in so that we can get to work having a coalition government in place of our corrupt two party system. The DNC seems intent on going further off the deep end while the GOP continues to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.
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