note Managers don't see the typical personality results
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They are computed into three colors. Green, yellow, and red. Green is good to go. Interview time. Yellow is questionable and typically interviews with less frequency. Red doesn't get an interview.

I personally did 100+ interviews for Target over the years as a manager. Hired many greens and yellows. Didn't hire many greens and yellows. As a tool it was rubbish. Far too easy to lie as evidenced by the dozens of absolutely crazy green interviews I conducted. Some crazy stories there...

Recently we had our entire staff take two different personality tests. It was interesting. One person in particular achieved results that were exactly opposite their actual traits. But...they were exactly the results the person hoped to achieve. So, definitely not infallible in the slightest. In fact, I would argue that anyone who truly wants to be seen in some fashion can just easily manipulate them entirely.

If you are honest with yourself and answer truthfully, some of these tests are useful in growth and self discovery. You sometimes have to swallow some bitter pills while making your choices.
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