sad sadly there are a lot of folks like you that are tuning out or choosing to ignore the facts
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by the time you revise your opinion of him its going to be at a point where its clearly obvious.

the fact that he has alt-right characters like Bannon and Flynn circling him should make you very, very alarmed. sure, we had the neocon's under Bush, but those guys weren't closet loonies, some had valid points. Bannon/Flynn are bad hombres and they have the president's ear. nothing good is going to come out of an affiliation like that, nothing.

however, time will tell and for our country's sake I hope you are right, but my gut and what I read say otherwise. I think he's going to start a major military conflict, I think his policies and rhetoric are going to trigger another major recession and I think he's going to galvanize our country to a point where our moral and togetherness are at a level so low we've never seen it in our country's history.
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