smile Thursday I woke up in Nairobi, Friday I woke up in Amsterdam, and Saturday I woke up in Knoxville
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The Boss and I just got back from a few weeks in East Africa. Got to touch a black rhino, heard my first Islamic call to prayer, and swam with a sea turtle near the border of Tanzania. Had an amazing time, but glad to be back. Didn't think I'd ever welcome traffic in Atlanta, but after seeing Nairobi's, I was just glad everyone stayed in their lane.

May have a few pictures and better TR to share later, but for now all I'll say is to jump on the opportunity if it ever presents itself.
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th_up Now that an adventure! Helly New
note Croatia, but might hit Greece to. <NT> Helly New
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th_up we had friends in Nairobi MikeyBoat New
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