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All the signs are there. You can make excuses for all of them, which I do not have time to list - from "Only I can make America great again" to the attack on our judicial system which started over a year ago, to the attack on the free press, to the attack on our intelligence agencies while simultaneously praising wikileaks, to dismantling our state department which is our first defence against aggression, to fearmongering and demonizing a whole religion and races of people. Or you can be vigilante, understand the signs and realize the danger so you are prepared to act accordingly on our next opportunity, if we get one before a predetermined crisis allows the authoritarians to concentrate power through more fear of an external threat. We missed the first opportunity and Putin got his little czar in office.

It took one year for Germany to turn from a democratic state to a fascist one. It took Hungary 2 1/2 years, Poland a year.

Post-truth is Pre-fascist.

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