feedback I doubt this bill will stand up in court
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The constitution gives everyone a right to privacy and this is definitely an assault of that right. Life insurance companies can require genetic testing to sell you a policy but health insurance companies are barred from that. They can deny you because you smoke or work in a coal mine because those are items within your control but your birth genetics are out of your control and would be discrimination just like if you were born a woman or black.


As voluntary genetic testing for disease has become more popular, so too have the laws aimed at preventing discrimination based on the results of such tests. In 2008, the Genetic Information Nondiscrimination (GINA) Act was signed by President George W. Bush, effectively protecting Americans against discrimination from employers and health insurance companies based on genetic information. After 13 long years of debate in Congress, the bill passed, allowing people to take advantage of personalized medicine without the fear of discrimination.
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note That's not voluntary, that's bribery. <NT> Helly New
sad Or blackmail <NT> Helly New