smile I will drive no more than 5 mph over the speed limit and I will pass at that rate. Why would I do differently?
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So far you have been condescending and insulting about the whole thing. Go back and read your first posts about this in the other thread. They read like you're talking down to an infant. It doesn't really bother me, except when you accuse me of being passive-aggressive, which is mostly just kinda baffling. But so what. I wouldn't be on here for all this time I was upset by words. Let's return to the point:

You have yet to give a single persuasive reason that I should speed. I drive defensively and carefully. I'm very aware of my situation. I don't see how I would guarantee the safe travel of myself and my family by going faster. How is my simple rule of thumb endangering anyone? It definitely pisses certain people off, but generally those people are driving incredibly dangerously.

Are you the guy that's driving 10-20 mph over the limit, and weaving between traffic, never staying in a lane for more than 5 seconds? Be honest.
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