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Welcome to BoaterTalk's long requested off-topic forum.
If you want to discuss things with your fellow boaters that have nothing to do with paddling, this is where you do it.
This is the social club.
All non-boating posts in the BoaterTalk forum will be deleted.
note Do rich people create jobs? DangerJudy New
feedback To some extent they do. likes 1 DRRPM New
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smile did he "bring back Joe Paterno"? <NT> SwimmerBill New
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gack Making America cough again. likes 1 OarLock New
note Well, it didn't start just now. likes 2 OarLock New
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note "All shall love me and despair!" <NT> Will_Carry New
smile I also plan to go into the West. <NT> OarLock New