note Which cartoon character are you????
Forum: BoaterTalk

Of course I think they need to add read BT for the hour and half time waster question.

Bugs Bunny - or so THEY say.
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smile Tweety <NT> Eric Princen New
doh Tweety... Playschooler New
note The survey said "Pepe Le Pew"... Gordo New
note Definitely Bun-Bun! m_jorge New
note The survey says...Peppe le Pew <NT> mirage New
smile Captain Murphy from sealab 2021! <NT> JDP New
angry Squidward  ! <NT> fat_old_bastard New
th_up Heh. <NT> plasticraft New
note Tweety <NT> tigershark New
th_up I am Pepe', alright! dave_nisbeth New
smile Tweety - I'm cute, and everyone loves me! <NT> Dan New
smile bugs bunny..... <NT> joemess New
note MOONunit <NT> moonunit New
feedback Bugs Bunny!  WTF! <NT> Rahark1 New
note Tigger <NT> willvdb New
smile RacerX <NT> RacerX New
smile Tasmanian Devil <NT> moosebreath New