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This is sort of my "ghetto fabulous" fix, but it's been working...

I bought a used pair of drybibs last fall, and they had one torn ankle gasket (about a 1" long tear going up...got bigger every time I put them on)

The local shop was temporarily out of ankle gasket replacements, so I decided to fix them on my own until the new gasket arrived.

I cut a bicycle inner tube and made a "U-shaped" (half circle/half oval) "patch" of sorts.  I basically made this thing about 1/2" bigger in each directing than the tear.  I roughed up one side of my patch with sandpaper, and also the area where it would go on the latex ankle gasket.  

I took duct tape, and taped the inside of the ankle gasket, so the tear would "stay together" while the patch glue dried.  This layer of tape also ened up creating a nice smooth layer of glue/latex/patch once dry.

Next I smeared some Aquaseal on the ankle gaset, and put the patch on the wet glue.  I managed to fit a small wood block into the gasket, and set a small one on top of that (sandwiching the patch in between), and then used a spring loaded clamp to hold it all together overnight.

The next day, I took the clamp and wood blocks off, then carefully peeled away the duct tape.  Voila!  A nice, ugly, but effective repair to the gasket.

Problems?  None so far.  It's held up well through a long winter of frequent use.  Very dry, and until it causes a problem, I'm not going to bother replacing it.

Potential problems:

-Gasket is LATEX, patch is BUTYL.  Not the same materials, so they stretch differently, react to glues differently, react to temperature differently, etc.  But it hasn't really presented a problem.

-Gasket isn't as stretchy as it was before.  A bit more work to take it on and off.  It's still not bad though.

Email if any of this doesn't make sense.


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