th_up I have Mullet and Jefe Grande
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I've been comparing, it looks like a Grande with some added lines for snapping eddies and holding a line better and kick rocker in the back like Mullet, but not as much rocker in the back. Definitely improve boofability/quick maneuvering. I'm getting one. I see it being a good design. It's what I love about both boats put into a creeker. Looks like it might have even more foot room too. I'm 6'5" 210 sz 13, so foot room is nice. I was waterboarding Pat about it trying to decide if I wanted to go ahead and buy a squirrel before they released info, but I'm gonna wait for Delta V. I like displacement hulls. I love the Grande for steep creeks, and it looks to me to be a very improved Grande.
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