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For my WaveSport Project (the old one, not the ProjectX) I tried my damndest to get the thing dry. I could feel water seeping in through the cockpit rim when holding a bow stall, so I knew that is where the water was coming in. It bugged me like nothing else.

I tried the inner tube. It didn't really work all that well.

I tried door sealer. It worked pretty well, but since it was open cell, it didn't last very long.

After the door sealer came out, I decided to try some thin mini-cell foam. It didn't work all that well.

If you come up with a good solution, let me know. My Mobius has the same problem, and I haven't been able to think up a good solution.

If you wish to chat about it...I am willing to chat. I spent a night getting the mini-cell foam where I wanted, and was sorely disappointed when I tested it out on the water. I did contact Eric Zitzow (kayakoutfitting.com) and explained what I was trying to do. He was very supportive and had some foam that was ideal for the situation, but the results just never worked out. He was very friendly to deal with, and I can't fault the materials for the results...just...it didn't work.

Tom M.
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