more You are very welcome. Again, this is a favorite river of mine. . . . .
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And I love to hit it when I can.

One thing I didn't say was that 275 - 325 cfs is pretty scrapy in parts. There are a few pools that are deep enough to roll, but not many. Most of the time you are rock-bracing, so wear padding on your elbows and tuck your chin if you go over. In places, this river is barely 20 feet wide, so it is narrow. Hard boats, IKs, and inner tubes are narrow enough to make it down, but I do not recommend rafts of almost any size.

The toughest rapids are the first 3 - 4 rapids. Once you get below Basketball (first rapid below the first bridge headed downstream), the river takes a step down in difficulty. There is an alternate putin at the main drop of Basketball and better parking, too. All you have to do is run the last cobble bar of Basketball. Its also a good place to take pictures of paddlers.

Hope to see you on the river sometime. :-)
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