feedback I have a 2015 Highlander.
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[DELETE] question Toyota Highlander Roof Rack CE New
What is the year of the Highlander? I went to Yakima.com and used their rack tool (https://www.yakima.com/step1). Its not easy to figure a more recent year vehicle because the car manufacturers won't work with the "smaller" companies, like Yakima or Thule. But it can be figured out. I think there is a 800 number where you can talk to a real person too.

I decided not to go with the dealer rack, because it was simply too short (only as wide as the uprights). I have the flush rails and went with the "core bar". You can buy the whole thing right there on their website, too. However, I really needed to save the extra $100 and bought the pieces separately on Amazon. Generally, I say to patronize the dealers, but the cost difference was too high.

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