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It is probably a step up from the Fit, but I used one for a boating rig for a time. The Mazda 3 with the better engine and hatchback is surprisingly fun to drive, and it could handle quite a bit. I will admit that having 6 boats and about 5 people (with gear) would cause some issues (it would bottom out in some places), but otherwise it worked well. I could also give shit to my other boating partners who had much more functional vehicles but lacked quality racks when my economy car worked as a better shuttle vehicle to theirs.

The Mazda 3 had factory mount points under the roof rails that with some work would handle Yakima towers (bolt on). The distance between the two bars was a little short, but it worked. It was a whole lot better than the mounts that attach to the door frame.

If you want to talk about the Mazda 3, I will be happy to discuss. If it is out of your range...I understand that too. Be aware that my experience is from ~2008, so things may have changed (possibly dramatically) from that time. I still have the Mazda, but my main boating vehicle is now a Tacoma (and what a project vehicle that is...).

Tom M.
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