note I switch back n forth seeking pain relief. The disadvantage is, if you flip & your toes are not on the pegs...
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rolling or just staying in your boat may be difficult. This varies a bit, depending on you and your outfitting.

If plan A is to swim if you flip, then I don't think there's much downside.

I have known a couple guys that didn't use footpegs at all. They would wrap their feet kinda pigeon toes around behind the saddle, with the top of their foot laying flat on the hull.

If you're more comfortable with the top of your feet laying flat on the hull, there are aftermarket "toe pockets". I bought a canoe with them already installed but they didn't work that well for me. http://northwater.com/collections/toe-blocks/products/adjustable-toe-blocks

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more Ankle blocks. peterelkon New