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I have owned a fit for the last 3-4 years. I didn't start boating till after I bought the car- otherwise I would have looked for something like a pontiac vibe/toyota matrix with integrated roof rails.

IMO the fit is an awesome car with great cargo capacity due to the maneuverable seats in the back- however there is one main concern for kayakers. The roof is made of very thin sheet metal which isn't very suitable for carrying heavy loads of more than one boat or so. My solution to this was to have rackattack install yakima tracks to my roof while I was in Boston on a roadtrip. The tracks disperse the weight over a larger surface area which helps some, but I would say my safe carrying capacity is still 2 boats. With 3+ boats the roof will start popping and denting from the weight of the boats. I would not recommend using q towers. Towers such as thule that rest closer to the gutter line on the roof will be resting at a more structurally sound location on the roof (though I have never used them).

My recommendation would be to look into other cars that have integrated roof rails and inspect them in person to determine whether they are capable of holding a decent amount of weight.

FWIW my next paddle car will likely be the newest generation of the Ford Escape. Has integrated roof rails, relatively low cost used, good mpg, decent cargo space.
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