note Fit a boater car?
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Outback almost at 200k. Ike's and leaking head gasket starting. Thoughts from anyone who has used a Honda Fit as a boating car? Loading boats and rafts, chattooga roads, power up hills, ability to sleep (not that important the older I get), useful for long trips in a short time, do paddlers who don't fit in a rpm fit in a fit?

Not looking for other vehicle suggestions but what the heck, BT can use the action.

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feedback I would think no. dangore New
idea My dad can sleep in his Prius. OarLock New
note I've slept in my Prius too LBA7895 New
idea Current Fit Owner Sully New
note Thanks bbbbRASS New
note I have a Fit since 2009 Enzo New
note why not another outback? eyeballs New
note Outback bbbbRASS New
note Suzuki sx4! eyeballs New
note Cummins HCPope New