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Forum: BoaterTalk
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Boatertalk was much more active 5-10 years ago, it still has its moments but it is definitely pretty slow these days. BUT, if you want to connect with other whitewater kayakers you can check out https://www.reddit.com/r/whitewater/ That discussion forum is a little more active than boatertalk these days. Fair warning though: reddit is an "interesting" website, it has discussion threads or "subreddits" about EVERYTHING, and I mean everything. So tread carefully or you might stumble upon something you weren't exactly looking for. It's a really cool site and reddit as a whole is incredibly active and interesting, but its a little risque at times.

You could also search facebook (if your on facebook yet, or plan to get on it) and find paddling groups all over the place. There's a big network of paddlers on facebook and there's groups that are local to specific areas and groups that have members from all over the world. Its a great place to find kayakers in your area!
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