question How do I change the feather on my bent shaft Werner?
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Last year I went from 45deg feather to 15 degree and really liked the change(ordered a new paddle which is my number one paddle). My left side braces and rolls are much better with the 15 degree. I sent my breakdown back to Werner and they made me a 15 degree shaft section so I now fly with my breakdown and it is now just like my main paddle.

I had 2 Werner 45deg paddles that are my backup and my son's. They are straight shafts and I just converted them to 15 degree by cutting them in half and using a 6 inch wooden dowel and epoxy, remarkably easy for me who is not gifted at this stuff.

However I have 45deg bent shaft that I want to change to 15 degree. It is my son's #1 stick. It has a connection at the center of the shaft, seemingly they put 2 different shaft parts together. If I cut here what am I going to find? Can I heat it with a heat gun, separate it and reglue it at the offset I want?

Anybody ever do this?

Thanks in advance,
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