note The Remix 79 was designed around a centered paddling position for a 200lb plus person.
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Moving the seat forward will increase the amount the bow will track
so if you go off course it will be harder to move the bow back on track
but easier to pull the stern in line because it will be lighter in the water,
if that makes sense.

If you move the seat back you make the bow lighter and therefore it will
track less and be easier to move and thus the stern harder to move.
I think the main reason people move the seat forward is a "feeling"
of being over the boat more and that feels better to them and they paddle
better when in that position.

There was a long tradition 15-20 years ago to move the seat all the way forward
immediately and that has been carried on by paddlers since then. Boats nowadays
are designed much more balanced and usually designed around a centered position
which may feel awkward to paddlers because the bow of the boat will feel bigger which
some folks don't like.

Some people think the stern of the Remix will cause back enders and I have not found
that to be true at all. The only times I have backendered in the Remix, which has been 2 or 3 total,
I would have back endered in any boat. I did have a little swim after a back ender but I did
throw myself into that one on purpose trying to get out of the hole quickly and make the
gate in the Green Giant Slalom a few years ago. :)

The Divot in the back of the stern allows a couple of things. The easiest to describe
is a no brainer front surf. The stern loads a little and bam you are front surfing.
The other thing that I use all the time is very low angle outside leaning turns that
pass a little water over the stern that wouldn't be as easy with a full volume stern.
Don't believe the negative hype about the divot. The stern may load a little but as it
goes up it hits more volume than just about any simliar sized boat has behind the cockpit.

There is a reason that the Ryan Casey who just won the The North Fork Championships has been
paddling a Remix out there since the boat came out. It can handle the biggest water. The Remix is
just a different paddling boat and when it comes to pushy big water with lots of back ender potential
many paddlers are choosing the Remix over anything.

Whew that was a lot.
I hope that answer some questions.
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