note Beating a dead horse....Upper Chattooga flow/season restrictions
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According to AW, the latest "proposal" would:

Allow paddling to occur between Green Creek and Lick Log Creek (about 15 of the 21 miles of the Upper Chattooga), between December 1 and April 30, on days when flows have hit 350 cfs or higher.

How often does the Upper Chattooga get above 350 cfs?


The green line is 450 cfs, their original even more restrictive proposal. Why not let the actual water level of the river dictate whether it can be paddled? Why have flow AND season restrictions? Oh yeah, it's to âprovide opportunities for boat-free, coldwater angling and other recreational activities.â

Where can we have an "angler-free" boating experience?

Also according to AW USFS proposes to:

Leave paddling banned on the uppermost two miles, the lower four miles, and all tributaries all year. It would also ban paddling from May 1 through November 30 on the entire Upper Chattooga, and on all days when flows have not hit 350 cfs or above.
Impose no direct limits on other similar visitors.
Monitor use and if too many people visit the corridor employ limits based on set visitor capacities.
Fix problems with sprawling user-created trails and campsites.
Continue to stock exotic and environmentally harmful fish to attract anglers.

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