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We're on location at the 2011 Outdoor Retailer Show in Salt Lake City, Utah.

What information would you like us to report?

First trip report and seminar list below:

Trip Report:

OR Show Seminars:

Thursday 8/04/11
-Media in the Digital Age: Social Media, Collaboration, and Mobile
-Incorporating Auto Technology with Paddlesports
-A New Business Model: A happy marriage of internet and brick and
mortar to benefit the retailer, customer and manufacturer.
-Keeping customers electronics dry and customers happy
-Reel Paddling Film Festival presented by Rapid Media

Friday 8/05/11
-Trend Insight: Insight and Analysis on Consumer Trends in Outdoor Purchases
-State of the Paddlesports Industry
-Using Digital to Engage Consumers as Brand and Product Evangelists
-OIA Outdoor University Burning Issues Workshop:
Partnering for America's Rivers: Building Healthy People, Communities
and Economies
-What SUP Means to the Kayak Retailer in 2012
-Better base layering, better time on the water
-Plugging in the Masses: Using Technology to get butts in boats
-OIA Outdoor University Retail Innovation Workshop:
Increase Register Sales: Effective Strategies to Sell More Apparel
-OIA Outdoor University Research Workshop:
Knowledge is Power: The Sales Experience in the Digital Age
-Discussion: Spreading SUP vibe in your community
-A More Focused Approach to SUP Profitability

****some of these seminars over lap but we're hoping to catch pieces of most of them. Please let us know which topics interest you the most and we'll place emphasis in those areas.

Happy boating!

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