note help a  WATER OBSESSED  artist keep up some momentum with a click of the mouse
Forum: BoaterTalk
like so many people, I too am begging for votes
but, the boating community is so cool that they usually respond
(the apathy in some other sports is stupifying)

1 - 10 stars     (10 being the best)
and I have an ok score so far, probably the best I've done this early in the voting
so, if you would be so kind to click the link, click the amount of stars (obviously a 10 helps me more)
and then you're done

This is just the first round of this session but making it through this week into the knockout round gets the artist a fair amount of attention (up against 2400 other artists)
and could help me in my effort to get this new body of work a place to show

Thank you.

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note definitely one of your better ones <NT> LeMitch New
note you got my vote <NT> rossco New
smile beautiful work... rustyboater New
th_up Done. Excellent work. Dave_ New
note Done! <NT> remix10 New