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How do I replace a drytop gasket?


Video - Drytop Gasket Replacement
This is an at home instructional video on how to replace the neck gasket on your drytop. Rick Franken of Bomber Gear has come up with this simple process that allows you to change your neck gasket at home.

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Video - Gasket Repair
How to repair/replace a drysuit or drytop gasket.

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Video - Bomber Gear Neck Gasket Replacement Instructions
Instructions for replacing your neck gasket on your Bomber Gear dry top.

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Post - BoaterTalk
idea this might work... bridog
10224 This is sort of my "ghetto fabulous" fix, but it's been working... I bought a used pair of drybibs last fall, and they had one torn ankle gasket (about a 1" long tear going up...got bigger every time I put them on) The local shop was temporarily out of ank...

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