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You may already know that BoaterTalk is a social, conversation-based website. What we offer is an interactive community of boating enthusiasts, paddle sports suppliers with products and services to share, and others who otherwise support the fun, the adventure, and the passion of boating in its many forms.

We are psyched that our site links the boating community; one of the things we do best is put paddlers and those who offer related products and services together, fostering enjoyment and expansion of the sport.

On a daily basis, many of your current and future customers, while on the BoaterTalk website, interact with each other, do research, and contribute content. Why not reach out to them as they are actively posting content related to the products and services you offer?

There are many ways you can build your business on BoaterTalk; via traditional banner advertising, sponsorships, and membership. Now... a fresh, real-time way to get in front of your audience: Active Scan Keyword (ASK) Links.

Here's how it works

You likely already have web pages designed to sell your products and services, with copy that highlights the basics about your offerings. What we do is provide a simple interface on BoaterTalk that connects site visitors with your copy as they are browsing using keywords on our site that YOU have identified with us.

When your keywords appear in content from site contributors, your ad appears as a link in a Related Links area adjoining the information. When a user clicks your link, they are sent to the page you specified (page within your website, product details, order options, etc.)

You pay a small fee to us; a small credit is used each time your link appears in the Related Links area, and a credit is used when they click through to your link. This automated system is fast, effective and efficient. If you need more credits to keep the flow of customers coming, you simply purchase more on the BoaterTalk website. You manage exactly how much money you spend and when.

Finally, we provide reporting tools to show you how many Related Links displays and how many clicks to more information you have received each day. This data is exportable to Excel, so you can easily track your campaign's performance.

The current introductory rates are $1.00 USD CPM and $0.50 USD CPC.

If you are looking for broadcast based, brand advertising or promotion, check out Banner Advertising.

Give it a try.

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